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the friend of God

This course will help you to read and to understand (a portion of) the Bible. In this course, we will discuss the life of Abraham in a way that is easy to understand. Each lesson begins with a short explanation to show how it applies to modern life. We hope that you will recognize yourself in this description, and become curious! Afterward, there will be some thought-provoking and knowledge-testing questions. In this way, we will proceed from verse to verse, throughout this section of the Bible. (Each numbered phrase in the Bible is called a “verse”). These questions will help you to read the Bible and to ponder its meaning,
both for the time when it was written and for the present day.

This publication focuses on questions such as: “Who is God?”, “How does God speak?” and “How do I speak to God?” (see our adult series “About God” as well). Religious concepts such as sin and grace, faith and unbelief, obedience and disobedience, are explained. Ultimately the faithfulness of God radiates from the Biblical story of Abraham. He made a promise to God and saw to it that this promise was fulfilled in a marvelous way.

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