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Bride of the Messiah

“I am my Beloved’s, and my Beloved is mine” (Song of Solomon 6:3)

Part 1 A Promised Bridegroom
A. The Time from Adam to Abraham
B. The Time from Abraham to Moses

Part 2 Israel as God’s Bride
A. The time from Moses to the Messiah
B. The Time of the Decline of the Jewish People

Part 3 The Separation by the Coming of the Bridegroom
A. The Time of the First Coming of the Bridegroom
B. The Bride Denies Her Roots

Part 4 The Bride Taken Captive
About the Papalisation of the Church in the Middle Ages

Part 5 Renewed Beauty for the Bride
The Time of the Reformation

Part 6 No Bride Without Love
A. ‘Second Reformation’ in England, Scotland and America
B. A Second Reformation in the Netherlands
C. Pietism

Part 7 No Bride without Bridegroom
A. The Bride in Darkness
B. The Bride Awakens
C. There Is Only One Bride

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Rev. C.J. Meeuse



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