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Communion Season Sermons

7 Sermons


An Introduction to the Scottish Communion Season and a Sampling of 7 Sermons of the type that Might be Preached During the Communion Season

The Communion Season is a deeply spiritual practice started by the Covenanters in Scotland during the seventeenth century, centered around the careful administration of the Lord’s Supper. Communion Season takes place from Thursday to the following Monday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, preparatory services are held, with preaching on themes of repentance, self-examination, and spiritual renewal, leading up to the administration of the Lord’s Supper on the Lord’s Day morning. Please come with us to hear Rev. William Macleod as he introduces this tradition and delivers seven sermons like those typically preached during a traditional Scottish Communion Season.



  1. Introduction (Luke 22:14–20)
  2. Sermon #1. Pardon My Sins (Psalm 51:9–10)
  3. Sermon #2. Prepare Me for Thy Presence (Psalm 24:3–4)
  4. Sermon #3. Examine Yourself (1 Corinthians 11:28)
  5. Sermon #4. Mary’s Great Love (Mark 14:3)
  6. Sermon #5. The Awful Cup (Luke 22:42) and the Communion Table Address
  7. Sermon #6. Salvation for Pharisees & Prodigals (Luke 15:29–30)
  8. Sermon #7. Christ is Coming Again (Revelation 22:20–21)


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Rev. William Macleod


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