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What is the Bible all about?

Do you know the Bible? The Bible is a very thick book, and it is also very old. The Bible is the most important book that exists. It  is the Word of God. He has given it to people. In this way we can learn a lot about God; who He is, what He does and what He says to people. Also it is still very important for you today to know what He says to you.

This diary will help you to read the Bible every day. Each day begins with a small passage from the Bible. It is followed by a simple explanation of what it is about.  There is a theme for each week, from Sunday to Saturday, and at the end of each theme there is a section ‘to think about’. There are 52 themes, so it’s a diary for a whole year. The Bible has much to tell you about!

We hope you will have questions about the Bible yourself.

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