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2 Guidelines for Sunday School Teachers

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Guidelines for Sunday School Teachers:

A. Each chapter consists of four questions. Usually the first three questions are about facts in the story. The last question is most of the time a question to applicate the message of the story for the lives of the children.
B. The questions in this book are covering the whole story in general. Because we wanted to limit the number of questions, not every detail is covered by the questions.
C. You are off course free, to ask more questions which are not in this book.
D. The degree of difficulty of the question is conform the content of the stories in the book. However, in some cases the third and fourth question are slightly more difficult.
E. The answers given in this book are short, just to give you the headlines. You can add or delete information according to the level and the age of your children group.
F. In many cases the fourth question is about the application of the message for the lives of the children. In these cases, we often did not give specific answers. It is up to the teachers to start a discussion with the children and give wise answers, based on the Word of God.
G. At every chapter, bible verses for memorizing are added. These Bible verses have a connection with the scope of the story. The teacher should explain the meaning of the Bible verse before teaching the children to learn it by heart. Some Bible verses are short, some are longer. If the longer ones are too difficult for the small children, you can start with the first sentence or part of a Bible verse

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