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The Christian Faith

In Question and Answer

Jehovah Tsidkenu / The Lord our Righteousness
1. The Knowledge of God
2. The Bible
3. The Almighty God
4. Creation
5. God’s Providence
6. Satan and his Angels
7. Our Sin and God’s Punishment
8. Redemption
9. The Redeemer
10. Jesus’ Birth
11. Jesus’ Life
12. Jesus’ Suffering and Death
13. Jesus’ Resurrection
14. Jesus’ Ascension
15. Jesus’ Sitting at the Right Hand of God
16. Jesus’ Second Coming
17. The Holy Spirit
18. The Way of Salvation
19. Righteousness by Faith
20. Election by God
21. Temporal Blessings and Eternal Blessings
22. Sanctifcation
23. Love for God and for our Neighbors
24. Prayer
25. The Sacraments
26. Infant Baptism
27. The Communion of Saints
28. Church Discipline
29. The Last Things
The Ten Commandments
The Apostolic Creed

Instruction in the most important teachings of God’s Word in 29 chapters

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