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The Fourfold State of Man

Innocence – Nature – Grace – Eternal

This booklet gives an extract of the famous book of the Scottish preacher Rev. Thomas Boston (1676-1732) called Human Nature in its Fourfold State.

It opens with a sketch of his life and works, chapter 1.

Chapter 2 gives you a general introduction on the book and deals with the first state: the State of Innocence.

Chapter 3 gives you an extensive insight into the second state: the State of Nature.

Chapter 4 and 5 belong together, and deal with the third state: the State of Grace. Part A is about Regeneration and Part B is about The Union with Christ.

Chapter 6 and 7 also belong together, and deal with the fourth state: the Eternal State. Part A is about Death, the Difference between Unbelievers and Believers When They Die, the resurrection, and the General Judgment. Part B closes with the solemn topic of both the everlasting Kingdom of Heaven and the everlasting Kingdom of Darkness.

We hope you will profit from the reading of and meditation on this booklet, by God’s grace.

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