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The Order of Salvation

The Golden Chain of Salvation

Is there an order of salvation? There was an order in creation. No one will deny it. If you compare the days of creation, you will discover a beautiful order in the first three days of creation. This order cannot be swapped around. Just imagine it … Moreover, you will discover a wonderful order in the relationship between the first and the fourth day, the second and the fifth day, and the third and the sixth day. This order in God’s work cannot be any different because God is a God of order. A similar order is found in the work of re-creation, because this is also a work of God.

In dogmatic terms, the application of salvation takes place in this order: calling – regeneration – repentance – faith – justification – sanctification – glorification. Can this order be changed around? Could it be that God first gives glorification followed by faith? Or could possibly first justification be applied, followed by regeneration?  You will surely agree with me that these are foolish questions.

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Rev. A. Schot

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