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The Way, the Truth and the Life I

  1. The Only Comfort in Life and Death
  2. Three Things Necessary to Salvation
  3. The Law as a Mirror to Show Our Misery
  4. The Origin of Our Misery
  5. Three Attempts to Escape
  6. The Possibility of Deliverance
  7. The Revelation of the Mediator
  8. Faith as the Bond Leading to Salvation
  9. True Faith
  10. The Triune God
  11. Faith and Trust in God the Father
  12. The Providence of God
  13. The Name of Jesus
  14. Christ and the Christian
  15. Christ as Son and Lord
  16. The Birth of Christ
  17. The Atoning Suffering of Christ
  18. The End of Christ’s Life
  19. The Wonder of Easter
  20. The Ascension of Christ
  21. Christ in His Full Glory
  22. The Holy Spirit
  23. The Christian Church
  24. The Communion of Saints
  25. The Forgiveness of Sins
  26. Eternal Bliss
  27. Justification by Faith
  28. The Doctrine of Justification Maintained
  29. The Author of Faith
  30. The Comfort of Baptism for Lost Sinners

The Way, the Truth and the Life Volume I –
Explained in the Heidelberg Catechism by Rev. C. Sonnevelt

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Rev. C. Sonnevelt

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